A community based art project developed by Felice Salmon, Lovin’ the ‘hood dealt with forging new narratives of appreciation and celebration surrounding The East End neighborhood.

The standard approach to Valentine’s Day includes flowers, chocolate, candy conversation hearts, and maybe a dash of romance. Why do we stop there? February 14th has the potential to be a bright spot in the midst of winter’s deep malaise! Imagine a day for declarations of love, confessions of appreciation, and honest words of approval spoken freely. Such a day would generate a lot of goodwill among friends and community members.

This holiday, oft classified as a lover’s day or a mere elementary school tradition, has a tendency to be overlooked and under-appreciated, but it provides us with an excuse to express our admiration and wonder at the world around us. In support of the expressive “heart” of Valentine’s Day, The Neighborly Way is proud to present the 2nd Annual edition of Lovin’ the ‘hood.

This project, brought to you by a myriad of neighbors, captures the particular appreciation and love we have for the people, places, things, and activities of our neighborhood. We found so much to express, we took two weeks to celebrate Valentine’s Day.


In collaboration with Decideria Montiel, The Gladding Family, The East Seventh Street
Community Center, Jenae Legg, Natalie Cunningham, Kurt Gohde & Kremena Todorova, Rona Roberts, Sherry Maddock, Luella Pavey, Steve Pavey & Pedro Santiago Martinez, Stevie Morrison & Thad Salmon.