A community based art project managed by The Community Engagement Through the Arts Class, The Birdhouses Project sought to provide young people with a chance to explore the meaning of “home” and create birdhouses in response to their findings.

Working with The Open Forum Youth Initiative, The Honeys & The Busybees were invited to partner with The Birdhouses Project as contributing artists and community collaborators. We conducted interviews and listened to our neighbors about what “home” means.  Through the process of visiting them, asking them a few questions, and recording their answers, we decided to build homes that reflected the love people felt for the place they called home. With the help of Transylvania University students, we created birdhouses spelling “We Love Our Home” and others that depicted our friendship and thoughts through photographs. These birdhouses were then distributed to quiet places around the neighborhood for neighbors to discover and receive as unexpected gifts.

CETA Hunnies-3CETA children-22015-03-23 17.29.232015-03-23 17.29.372015-03-23 17.29.46Funded by Transylvania University and in collaboration with The Community Engagement Through the Arts Class. Art Class photographs by Steve Pavey.