A community based art project managed by The Community Engagement Through the Arts Class, The Superhero Cape Project sought to guide young people through the process of identifying their superpowers and creating iconography to depict their unique indentity.


2016-03-09 19.41.23Working with The Open Forum Youth Initiative, The Honeys & The Busybees were invited to partner with The Superhero Cape Project as contributing artists and community collaborators. We began by researching female superheroes, the use of symbols in art, and the way artists have combined story with iconography. We investigated our interests and developed icons to depict our unique superpowers. With the help of Transylvania University students, we stitched together felt and embroidered logos for superhero capes. Then, these logos were stitched on to capes created by the students with whom we partnered. We hosted a superhero photo shoot to capture the unique look of each young superhero.

Capes.011Capes.017Capes.041Capes.032Funded by Transylvania University and in collaboration with The Community Engagement Through the Arts Class.