A community based art project developed by Meredith Brickell & Felice Salmon, Sidewalk Stories, Vol. 1 dealt with the idea of place and how things are shaped and changed by the way in which we live.

Have you ever wondered about the houses in your neighborhood or the people inside? Would you ever consider chasing this curiosity and beginning a project to get to know your neighbors? In the summer of 2016, The Busybees met an artist named Meredith Brickell from Indianapolis and decided to investigate the stories of the neighborhoods in Northeast Lexington. Along with creative mentors from The Open Forum Youth Initiative, these young women used everything from cameras and conversations to roundtable discussion and international cuisine to dig deeper into the history of the MLK, East End, and North Limestone neighborhoods. Through the Sidewalk Stories Project, we have been walking, exploring, recording, introducing, interviewing, sharing, and discovering more about the homes and individuals surrounding us. We’ve created a zine to share our story and teach you how to explore, too!

IMG_0077IMG_0640IMG_0080Funded by BGCF and NoLi CDC and in collaboration with Meredith Brickell & Paige